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We have auction brokers in several locations around the country

Klaravik is the marketplace for machines, tools and vehicles. We help you sell easily and safely, regardless of where in the country you live. Find your local broker below or send an inquiry via the form and we will contact you. No broker in your area yet? We are of course happy to receive your question about sales anyway!

Companies with Business ID numbers as well as public companies can sell on Klaravik.

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You are an expert on your machinery, we are experts in selling it.

To sell at Klaravik

Selling used machines at Klaravik is safe and efficient. A visit from your local broker is all that is needed - a week or so later the item can be picked up by the buyer. We take care of everything else regarding the sale at Klaravik.

Before a sale

1.Find your broker

Locally based, in different parts of the country, our brokers are located. You can see who works closest to you above. You can also use our form above.

2.Get in touch

Email or call your broker and tell them what you want to sell. Together you make an appointment to see each other and go through the item.

3.Get ready to go

Collect service books, registration certificates, receipts and anything else that may be needed. Maybe it's time for some fine-tuning too? On the website, pictures and videos become your buyers' first impression.

4.Get a visit from the broker

The broker photographs, films and makes a description of your item. Then together you set a minimum price (reserve price) and within a few days the auction is started.

Common questions

Are private individuals allowed to sell at Klaravik?

In Klaravik, as a rule, only companies sell items. Private individuals, on the other hand, are welcome to bid on and buy items.

Does it cost anything to sell?

If your item is sold, we charge a commission-based cost, which is governed by the amount of the sale. If the item is not sold, it costs nothing.

Do I have to arrange viewings?

No, everything at Klaravik is sold without a showing (unless otherwise stated). Klaravik's broker is the only person you need to meet and go through the item with until the purchase is completed. The buyers' bids are based on the lot details page on the website.

What is a reserve price?

The lowest price you can think of selling for.

During an auction

1.Work as usual

The auction normally lasts for up to one week. In the meantime, we take care of all questions from speculators so you can work as usual (or why not follow an exciting bidding)

2.Marketing your item

Your item is advertised in Finland and abroad. We also make sure to take advantage of our newsletter and social media to highlight exciting items. Feel free to share the link to your auction in your own channels!

Common questions

How do I know if someone bids?

You can follow the bidding in real-time on the auction page.

Where can my auction be seen?

In the auction feed at We also make sure to make auctions visible on other major marketplaces, such as ja We promote ongoing auctions through newsletters, social media and other digital advertisements. As Klaravik is part of the European online auction group TBAuctions, you also have a great opportunity to reach relevant speculators abroad.

Why is the reserve price not visible on the site?

When you and your broker set a reserve price, it is your joint, personal estimate of the market value. Maybe it turns out to be a little too high? Or way too low? By not printing it out on the site, we let the market do the valuation itself. We hope and believe that it benefits both buyers and sellers.

How do I find my login details?

If you have forgotten your details, you can contact Klaravik at

After an auction

1.Check the email

After the auction, you will receive an automatic email with the final price. Was it higher than you thought? Congratulations! Was it a little lower? Then a negotiation begins.


Sometimes the bidding ends below the reserve price. Then we take care of a negotiation between the buyer and you. The goal is to make a deal that everyone feels satisfied with.

3.Let the buyer collect

After the end of the auction, the buyer pays and then receives your contact details. The buyer has 12 days to collect the item.

4.Get paid

You have the money in the account no later than seven working days after the item has been paid for and picked up. If only the collection remains, you will still receive the money on the fifth working day of the month after the buyer has paid.

Common questions

When will I get paid?

Is the item paid for and collected? You will then have the money in your account no later than seven working days after collection. If only the collection remains, you will still receive the money on the fifth working day of the month after the buyer has paid. Special conditions apply in the case of foreign sales, items with debt or if the buyer has applied for financing. Questions about your payment? Contact

My item didn't sell - do I still have to pay?

No. For items that are sold, we charge a commission-based cost, which is governed by the amount of the sale. If your item doesn't sell, it costs nothing.

I have sold a registered vehicle, what do I do?

Changes of ownership for registered vehicles always take place between buyer and seller at collection.

If I have questions about the payment, who do I contact?

Contact your auction broker, or our customer support at or 03 520 444.