About Klaravik

The marketplace for machines, tools and vehicles

About Klaravik

Klaravik is the Nordic region's largest online auction house for machines, tools and vehicles. Every week you will find lots of interesting auctions at klaravik.fi.

Klaravik gives companies and individuals the opportunity to buy used machines, tools and vehicles easily, safely and at the right price. Our goal is to deliver winners at all levels. For our selling customers, we work closely with local brokers for a responsible business. For our buyers, we are the marketplace that never stops, always with new relevant auctions. And for society, our sustainable recycling contributes to making the environment a little happier. Win-win-win, quite simply.

In the Nordics (Sweden, Denmark and Finland), Klaravik has a total of over 500,000 registered bidders and our auction sites have more than 30 million page views annually.

Klaravik is present in Finland since 2024 , also having operations in Sweden and Denmark. Our Finnish head office is in Tampere and our brokers are locally based in different parts of the country. Klaravik is also part of the Dutch auction group TBAuctions, one of Europe's largest online auctions. The group as a whole sells 2.9 million items annually, has 30 million website visits per month and employs close to 1,000 people. The group includes the auction brands Klaravik (FI/SE/DK), Vavato (BE), Troostwijk (EU), Auksjonen (NO), PS Auction (SE) and BMA (UK). All with recycling and circularity as a central part of the business.

If you want to become a customer, you can register a buyer account free of charge. If you are interested in selling something in Klaravik, you are most welcome to contact your local broker.


Close - Close to the buyers via the web and close to the sellers via our local auction brokers. Close in the sense of personal. Close as in easy to reach. Close to the store simply.

Easy - Easy for the sellers to sell, and easy for the buyers to buy. We are easy to get in touch with and easy to deal with.

Fast - It should be fast to sell and buy with us.