How to buy

This is how buying from us at Klaravik works

How nice that you want to know more about buying at Klaravik! Here you will find more information about how it works. You can also find answers to the most common questions under questions and answers, or contact our customer support.

1Create Account

When you want to bid on a lot on Klaravik, you first create an account. It is completely free to create an account with us.

Activate your account by clicking on the activation link in the email sent to you when you created the account. Then the account will be activated and you can log in and place bids. Under "My Account" you can easily see your current bids and the items you have purchased.

2Find lots & bid

Under the auctions tab, you will find all lots that are currently up for auction. Click on one of the lots to see more information, pictures and condition information. If you are interested in placing a bid, you need to log in and enter how much you want bid. You can choose between placing a manual bid, or an auto bid and then let the system bid for you up to your specified maximum bid. You can also see if the bid you place is inclusive or exclusive of VAT.

There is no cost to place a bid, but please remember that all bids are binding.


Klaravik has completely transparent bidding, this means that everyone who visits can see all current bids. All registered bidders can place bids at any time of the day until the end of the auction. It is clearly stated on each lot when the auction ends.

If someone places a bid when an auction on Klaravik has less than three minutes left, the auction is extended by another three minutes. This is to give other bidders a chance to counterbid and not to exclude bidders. This is established in online auctions and can be compared to the first-second-third principle of the hammer auction. We do not recommend that you wait until the last seconds before placing a bid as your internet connection may cause a bid to be delayed and your bid would therefore not have time to be registered with us within the current time period.

4Buyer's Premium

A buyers premium is added to each individual purchase. How big the fee is appears on each lot when you are logged in as a purchasing customer. VAT is always added to the buyers premium.

5You win the bidding

You have won the lot if you have the highest bid and the reserve price has been reached when the auction ends, this is clearly stated in connection with the bidding. If the lot's reserve price is not reached, you will be contacted by Klaravik within shortly, with the aim of getting the deal through. Please remember that all bids for Klaravik are binding, regardless of whether the reserve price has been reached or not.
When you have won a bid, you will receive the invoice, and can make a direct payment, from your account under "My purchases".


Klaravik must have received your payment before you can collect your item. You can always pay via the invoice accessed from your account, where you can also make a direct payment.

7When can you collect your item?

Once you have paid, you will receive exact information from Klaravik on how to go about collecting your item.

It is important that you make an appointment for collection before you go to collect your won lot. If you do not make an appointment, there is a risk that you will not be able to access your item when you arrive.

Don't forget that you as a buyer have a right, as well as an obligation, to check the condition based on the lot details page when you collect your bid item. If the item does not meet your expectations, please do not remove it from the site without contacting us first."


The items you find on Klaravik are sold on behalf of everything from large construction companies to small individual companies. Klaravik does not have its own warehouse, but you collect your purchased item yourself at the selling customer's location.