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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the most common questions we get when it comes to bidding, buying and selling at Klaravik. Are you missing an answer to your question? Please contact or 03 520 444.


How do I place a bid?

To place a bid on an Auction, you need a buyer account with Klaravik. It is completely free of charge and you register here. Once you have registered an account, you will receive an email with a link to activate the account. By clicking on the link, your account is activated and you can place bids.

I forgot my account details!

If you have forgotten your password, click on forgot password. You will then be redirected and prompted to enter your registration email address. You will receive an email with a code and once verified you will be able to reset your password. Remember to enter the same email address as when you registered! If you have forgotten your email, contact our customer support at

How do I get more information about a specific item?

Read the text on the lot details page carefully and don't forget to look at the pictures and any videos. There is a lot of information to view. If you still have questions about a specific item, you are welcome to contact customer support.

Why was an auction extended when I placed a bid?

If someone bids when an auction at Klaravik has less than three minutes left, the auction is extended by another three minutes. This is to give other bidders a chance to counterbid and not to shut out other bidders. This is established in online auctions and can be compared to the first and second principles of the hammer auction.

To place a bid, you need to be logged in to Klaravik.

What is an auto bid versus a manual bid?

An auto bid is a way for you to automatically participate in a bidding process. You enter an amount you are willing to pay for an item and then automatic bids are placed for you up to your maximum bid - but only if necessary. Your maximum bid is hidden from other bidders during the auction. Placed auto bids are indicated by an "A" after the placed bid in the bid history. You need to update a manual bid every time someone outbids you. Keep in mind that an auto bid in the same level as a later manual bid will always lead the auction - because it was placed first.

Can I create alerts of new auctions on Klaravik?

Yes, you can! It's an easy way to follow your favourite items and stay updated on when what you want to buy is available at auction.


Is there a viewing of your items?

Everything at Klaravik is sold without viewing, unless otherwise stated. You place your bid based on the information available; images, text and any film on the item. Therefore, it is always important to check the information carefully. If the item does not correspond to the description on the lot details page upon collection, you have the right to claim your inspection duty. Note then that the item may not be taken from the site. Read more about the duty to investigate below.

How can I check the condition of an item?

You as a buyer have a right as well as an obligation to check the condition based on the lot details page when you collect your bid item. If the item does not correspond to the description on the lot details page, you can make a complaint, but remember that it is important not to take the item from the site. The inspection duty exists as a guarantee for you as a buyer! Here you can fill in the complaint form.


Who is it that sells the items at Klaravik?

It can be anything from small farmers and construction companies - to Finland's largest municipalities and rental companies.

Is VAT always added?

VAT is added to all items unless otherwise stated. In all cases, this is shown on the item in question when you are logged in as a buyer on Klaravik.

Does Klaravik offer financing for the items at auction?

No, not at the moment.

Can I have financing through my own bank or finance company when I buy at Klaravik?

Yes, you can. If you contact your bank and apply for financing, you must contact Klaravik so that we can transfer the invoice to your bank or finance company. Contact our financing department by email if you want to know more:

How much does it cost to buy at Klaravik?

There is a fee, the buyer's premium, added to each auction you win. The size of the fee is shown on each individual auction. You see the buyer's premium for each auction when you are logged in as a customer at Klaravik. Note that VAT is always added to your bid unless otherwise stated.

What is reserve price?

Reserve price is the lowest price that the client has accepted in advance. At each auction, you can see whether the reserve price has been reached or not. If the reserve price is not reached, you will be contacted by Klaravik shortly, with the aim of getting the deal through. Keep in mind that all bids on Klaravik are binding, regardless of whether the reserve price has been reached or not.

How is VAT handled in EU sales?

When you buy at Klaravik, you have to pay VAT or a VAT deposit on the bid. You must pay the entire invoice amount. If your account is registered as a foreign company and has a valid VAT number, you can ask to have the VAT deposit refunded by Klaravik.
To have the VAT refunded by Klaravik, you must send valid export documents to no later than 10 days after collection. If the time limit is exceeded, we are not able to refund the VAT.
We need 1. Signed CMR document or consignment note. 2. The invoice from the transport company. 3. Export declaration that can be accessed from your buyer account at Klaravik. 4. Your company's IBAN and Swift number.

What does it mean that something is sold with profit margin taxation?

For you as a buyer, profit margin taxation means that no VAT is added to your bid (and there is also no VAT to be deducted). Profit margin taxation has to do with how much VAT a company must report when selling used goods.

Successfully won an item in the auction? Complete the payment process with our checkout system.

Visit and go to Account top right corner and click "My Purchases". Here, your won lots are ready for checkout.

  • Select "Checkout items", choose the lots you wish to pay for, and click the checkout button. The information page will appear.

  • Verify that all details are accurate and make adjustments if necessary. The details from your Klaravik account will be displayed here. Based on the provided information, VAT will be calculated for the selected lots. If everything is correct, click to accept terms and conditions and then click the green button at the bottom right to proceed.

  • The payment order is generated, and you can make the payment immediately in “to pay” part.

  • If you prefer to receive an invoice in advance, select "Bank Transfer" at this step. If you wish to pay immediately, choose from other options MobilePay or Creditcard. MobilePay and Creditcard can be used on payments up to 500€. After payment, the invoice will be available in your account under 'Invoice.'

    When paying by bank transfer, your bank may ask you to confirm our company's home address and country. This information can be found on the invoice under beneficiary.


When and where can I collect what I have purchased?

In each lot details page there is information about the municipality in which the item is located. You will receive contact details for the seller in connection with the payment of the invoice being registered. As a buyer, you have 12 days to collect the item after the auction has ended.

How does shipping work?

All items are collected at the current seller.

If a carrier is hired, it is important to remember that the inspection duty still applies and when the item has left the seller, the inspection duty is exhausted and complaints are no longer possible. Be careful to always make an appointment for collection with the selling company, this also applies if you hire someone else to take care of the shipping.


I'm not satisfied with what I bought - can I complain about an item?

You as a buyer have a right as well as an obligation to check the condition against the lot details page when you collect your bid item. If the item does not correspond to the description on the lot details page, you can complain about the purchase. Note that this must be done before taking the item from the location. Here you can fill in the complaint form.


What do I do if I want to sell something on Klaravik?

The easiest way is to fill in our form to sell on Klaravik, you can find it here. We will then contact you with more information about becoming a customer with us. Here you will also find contact details for all our auction brokers.

Are private individuals allowed to sell in Klaravik?

In Klaravik, as a rule, only companies sell items. Private individuals, on the other hand, are welcome to bid on and buy items.

I can't find the login details for my seller account?

If you have forgotten your details, contact Klaravik at the email address

If I sold something, when will I get paid?

Is the item paid for and collected? You will then have the money in your account no later than seven working days after collection. If only the collection remains, you will still receive the money on the fifth working day of the month after the buyer has paid. Special conditions apply in the case of foreign sales, items with debt or if the buyer has applied for financing. Questions about your payment, contact

Does it cost anything to sell in Klaravik?

If your item is sold, we charge a commission-based cost that is governed by the amount of the sale. On the other hand, if, against the odds, the item is not sold, it costs nothing.. For more information, contact or contact the auction broker in your district directly.

I have sold a registered vehicle, what do I do?

Changes of ownership for registered vehicles always take place between the buying and selling parties at the time of collection.

How do I know that it is the buyer who is collecting the item?

There is a QR code on the buyer's paid invoice. When you as a seller scan the code, using your mobile phone, you can confirm delivery.

Is purchase documentation required to sell at Klaravik?

If your item has a higher assessed value and is not registered with Traficom, proof of your purchase of the item is needed before a sale with us. The purchase documentation can consist of, for example, a receipt, invoice, or equivalent proof of purchase. An auditor's certificate or other third-party certificate can also be used as documentation.